Thursday, January 21, 2010

working for a living

Building a house takes money. Lots more of it that you would imagine. So, sometimes this family building team has to take a time out from the action at our own building site and work on someone else's house for a while to earn the money to build ours. Usually, Troy manages that aspect and I continue to manage our build, but this week I've had to spend a bit a time working.

Our business is Heliocentric and we do all the engineering (and some contracting) to make buildings more energy efficient. We bring science to green building is our slogan.

Here I am last week installing the support structure for solar thermal panels on a client's house:

Today I'm off to 2 different client's houses to work on their HVAC systems, the duct supply store, and to sell a high efficiency window job. Busy day! Troy's giving a lecture on building science to the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects, among other things.

I'll check back in soon with reports on our own building project.

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