Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Something is seriously wrong with our Water karma.

First, there was the 2-year HOA Water Connection Fee Fiasco that nearly drove me out of my mind and out of the canyon.

Then, there was the HOA Water Meter Debacle of 2009 that I think did the trick and actual sent me out of my mind.

Next, there was the Water Line Freezing Event: Winter 2009.

After that was the Sewer Line Freezing Event: Winter 2009.

Today: The Flood of Winter 2010. The neighbor of the place we are renting while we build our new house was refilling his hot tub and left it running. The water pressure is really good and water came pouring down the hill, down the side of the building, and straight over the threshold and under the door. It flooded the entire place in less than the 15 minutes it took me to figure out where the water was coming from and turn it off.

Luckily, I found the source quickly, got it off quickly, the landlord and the neighbor were both nearby and available with a powerful shop vac and other tools and hands to get the water cleaned up. And luckily, it's all concrete floors and we didn't have much on the floor so damage should be minimal to none. Whew!

But what a lot of drama! I've been working so hard to get my own house closed in so I can heat it so I can turn on the plumbing and have running water and functioning toilet. I really want to do this, but should I be scared?

Who are the Gods of Water anyway? And what sort of offerings can we make to get them off our case?

(Sorry for lack of photos. I was too busy getting the water turned off and cleaned up to pick up the camera. The visual of Eden with his long underwear hiked up above his knees and his big snow boots on sweeping water out the front door with a broom was priceless.)


  1. Good thing there was no damage! I would say just chock it up to the fact that "shit happens", and your house will function as planned:)

    Good luck!

  2. I'm sorry about the flood. We had one, too, but not as bad as yours.

    Don't be scared to hook up your water BUT I highly recommend not getting pergo floors on anything that can flood. It's so easy to ruin. That's why we got tile, even though I'd prefer pergo or prettier yet, wood.

  3. Aarrgh! How frustrating!

    Focus on water working FOR you... it sure will be nice!

  4. tethys (ocean mother goddess of all lakes, rivers, streams, etc)
    yemaya (goddess of oceans, desires and the new moon)
    oshun (goddess of rivers and love)
    enki (god of water and wisdom)
    chalchihuitlicue (goddess of rain "green jewels")
    tiamat (dragon creatrix of the ocean and the world)

    there are lots more, but this should get you started!

  5. my son logan, who is a greek mythology buff, recommends a burnt offering to poseidon: seaweed in a fire circle made of seashells. ;)

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