Friday, January 8, 2010


Rather than Thanking Goodness It's Friday, today we're Thanking Goodness Injuries were Fended off! Take a look at these pictures and you'll see what I mean:

{they're 30 ft off the ground on a roof with a 50° pitch — and wouldn't wear the harnesses and ropes I kept thrusting at them!}

{not so dramatically off the ground, but hanging onto a 6" snowy ledge over a narrow crevasse}

Today was sunny and beautiful. I spent most of my day organizing and cleaning. We got the sheathing put on the tower roof, support wedges glued in below the rafters, and some of the sheathing put on the larder room, as well as all the trash taken out (quite a project!). It was a relatively productive day.

Tomorrow, we finish foaming and sheathing the roof (and, hopefully, replace the ugly blue tarp)!

P.S. Thank you to Davey & Beth who have lent us a different heater, thus making the foaming tomorrow possible!

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