Monday, January 18, 2010

mama builder fashion 101: winter

:: It starts with pigtails. They cover if you haven't bathed in a few days (ahem), and they keep your hair out of the way while still keeping your neck warm. On really cold days, I forego pigtails and just let the hair hang, caring little for how dirty my hair started out or will get.

:: Next, the first layer of long underwear. I'm a HUGE fan of Smartwool, but my pocketbook not so much, so I don't get this pleasure every day.

:: Then, some long, warm socks, over the long underwear for comfort and to keep out drafts.

:: Next the second long underwear shirt, usually with a zip collar, just to vent a little if it gets warm (like in the 40s!).

:: Next comes the crazy yak wool double knit sweater and rib knit sweater pants I purchased in Xining, China many years ago. Xining is on the edge of the Tibetan plateau at 7,400 ft, a launching point for further adventures at 11,000 and 12,000 ft, so they seemed an especially practical purchase at the time. There have been many times since that I wondered whether I'd ever need them again outside of Qinghai province, but these things are the bomb!!!

:: Over all that goes the Carhartt insulated bib overalls. The only thing these are missing is a hammer loop.

:: Then, before I head out the door I pop on a hat, my Baffin insulated boots (they fit under the bibs), insulated gloves, and, if it's really cold, my D.I. down jacket and a scarf.

Here's what the ensemble looks like:

A fashionista I am not, but a comfortable, warm mama builder I am!


  1. On no-bathing days--not that those occur frequently, or would be a problem for you!--have you tried sprinkling corn starch in your hair? you have the right hair color for it. it makes everything fluffy and clean feeling.

  2. ...but a very cute Mama builder!