Thursday, January 28, 2010

small scale building

I am thrilled to announce that my darling Boy Builder is back at home. He had a magical and inspired 2 week (2 weeks, oh my!) visit with his grandparents (all 4 of them!) and came home refreshed, grown up, wiser, more independent, and so happy to be home. It was hard for all of us at times, but I'm really proud of my little boy for doing such a Big Thing. His world expanded in ways we could never have orchestrated at home and he's got a new air of confidence that makes a Mama's heart sing.

We've all been busy catching up on hugs and kisses and snuggles since his arrival last night — and getting accustomed again to the constant chatter of this little one. Do other Mamas find themselves having a hard time staying right there when dinner is a little late or it gets to be a certain time of night? Whew! But I love, love, love all the little stories and observations of his travels and his relationships with his grandparents that come sputtering forth over the course of a day.

Eden wasted no time getting busy with his at home projects today. We were stranded without wheels and I had competent help at the building site so we stayed home to play and do office work. Just what the recently returned traveler needed.

By mid-morning he had out drawers and drawers of Playmobil and all the blocks in the house, all arranged in beautiful scenes and stories that meandered all day. At day's end, when I insisted we clean up at least some of his creations so we could walk through the house without hurting ourselves or breaking his toys, Eden got down on his belly for a little photo shoot. I loved watching the concentration of his pose as he photographed his creations just how he wanted to.

Looking at his work, I am struck with how the very fabric of this little boy's life is stitched with the language, the work, the art of building. He has an instinct for this vocation that not many have. I look forward to seeing what he builds as he grows. And I can't wait to have him back at the building site. It's been a bit lonely (albeit more productive!) without him.

{please pardon the blurriness here, but i just loved the perspective and composition}


  1. sounds like a perfect day for eden. i love examining those kinds of creations too, and thinking about the little minds that built them.

  2. So interesting, Anna. Can't wait for the next episode.