Tuesday, November 30, 2010

lifestyle shift

The frequent questions we're getting these days are about our indoor camping lifestyle. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought I'd share how we currently feed and clean ourselves with a short photo essay.
The Pantry
The Cooktop
The Appliances
The "Sink"

Monday, November 29, 2010

the state of the house address

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. The Boy Builder's Iron Chef birthday party (post to come) was October 29, we passed our 4-way inspection on November 2, we moved out of the condo we were renting and into our house on November 8, and the Boy Builder and I left for a trip to Mexico on November 9 and Troy started sleeping at our new house (post about our trip to come). All this was mixed in with work, which did not seem to let up in the meantime.

So, what I figure is in order is a brief update on the "state of the house," if you will. Because someday I hope to get all the details written up in blog posts, but it might be a while.

~ All the windows are installed (but not the glass in the greenhouse, although 3/4 of it is here at the house awaiting installation)
~ 99.5% of the exterior foam insulation is installed
~ One exterior door is filled in with a temporary operable door (thank you James!) and the remainder are blocked off with wood and/or foam
~ We have a very fancy, very engineered "panel" to control all the water and heat in our house that is fully installed and functional
~ The heat is turned on in our house!
~ All our plumbing is in the walls and has pressure tested appropriately
~ We have running water!
~ All our electrical circuits are installed, including fancy stuff like speaker wire for future speakers and ethernet cable for future ethernet connections
~ We have a functional photovoltaic solar system that is producing most of the power for our home
~ We have several light and outlet circuits functional, so that we have power and light!
~ All our kitchen appliances are in the house, although none are installed
~ We have one sink in the house, but it's not installed, so we're temporarily using a bucket that we periodically empty down a floor drain
~ We have a functional septic system
~ We have 4/5 of the corrugated steel roof installed
~ We have all the netting for the blown fiberglass insulation installed and 1/3 of the fiberglass blown in the walls
~ We have piles of drywall stacked all over the inside of the house waiting to get installed once the rest of that insulation is blown in
~ We've got a pile of lumber outside ready to be transformed into our deck, as well as some very custom steel support brackets for the catwalk leading out to the deck
~ We have a "good bit" of our rock work done on the outside of our basement
~ We have a huge pile of wood chips in our front yard

Home, 28 November 2010

Oh, and we've also got a few feet of snow in the front yard, because, theoretically, that's why we live here. :)