Friday, September 3, 2010

10 things

Inspired by a repeated feature at a favorite blog of mine (Soulemama), I'm making a list of 10 things I'm grateful for. What better exercise on the anniversary of my birth. :)

:: Clean bathrooms. Sometimes, simple and mundane chores bring a surprising amount of satisfaction and pleasure.

:: Sunshine. There is a nip in the air telling me that autumn is on the move, but I'm relishing every last moment of this short and flourishing summer while it's here.

:: My family, near and far. My heart takes daily trips all over this wide earth sending love and well wishes to all the people I love.

:: Windows! 10 more windows have been installed in my house in the last couple of days and it feels so very good.

:: My sweet, smart, energetic boy who makes homeschooling a joy instead of a chore.

:: Dear friends who have been endlessly patient with my lack of availability these last many moons.

:: All the strong, diligent, talented people who help me build my house. I am so grateful for all they do.

:: My new phone. I feel almost silly mentioning it. But, I've never had a truly functional phone before and it's so nice. Thank you, Dad, for passing along such a useful hand-me-down. :)

:: Work that supports my family, allows us to work together, and is supportive to our community and planet.

:: My own strong, healthy body that can build, cook, clean, nurture, hug, run, climb, hike, stretch, dance, and sing (among other things).

I think I've already made it to 10, but I want to add an extra special mention of my kind, smart, committed, loving husband. I'm so grateful to have his partnership.