Tuesday, January 5, 2010

just breathe

Today started out promising enough. Here was the view from our door this morning:

The weather promised to be "warm" (high 30s, low 40s), warm enough for putting the rigid foam insulation on our roof. This is an exciting step that makes me slightly giddy. It means I can stop worrying about the structural integrity of the roof when loaded with snow and means I'm one giant step closer to being able to heat the basement and have a less cranky child.

So said child and I head out with optimism after the requisite 6-year-old complaining session, bowls of oatmeal, and mama builder's cup of morning tea. Here is optimistic us:

Things started to go south when we arrived and E discovered that his sled was at the building site and not in the truck. Oh the disasters of childhood! The crisis was averted and indignance and anger were soothed.

The crux of the building problems surrounded a malfunctioning propane heater that I was counting on to keep the Instastik foam glue warm so that it would dispense properly, allowing us to properly install the foam to the roof sheathing, thus allowing the second layer of wood sheathing to attach to the foam to create a rigid, structural insulated panel that will provide the structure for our roof that will support the 4000 lbs of metal that will eventually be screwed to the top. And all this must be done in above freezing temperatures (today) and tomorrow has cold and snow predicted. This primary frustration was fueled by the fact that I was hungry, dehydrated, don't yet have a decent place to pee unobserved, was caring for a whiny 6 year old who was just having an all around tough morning, and was super sore from moving around heavy stuff (the main task of building as far as I can see).

The day, however, was somewhat salvaged by the tower roof getting closer to completion. Here's crew members attaching blocking and collar ties to the rafters:

A wise crew member advised me that frustrating days are best addressed with lots of deep breathing.

In... Out... In... Out...

One of those days when I am forced to confess my reluctance at this project, but I try to keep the vision of what I am building in mind. I am building a future, a shelter, a home for my family.


  1. Such a pic of the mountain. Did you take it?

  2. That is a beautiful view! I can see why you would go through the trouble of building a home for that view :)

  3. I did take the picture, Genie! Can you believe that sunrise?

  4. What a beautiful view! And no pollution! Chris and I would love to see your house when it's done:)

  5. We can't wait to host you two, Courtney!