Sunday, January 31, 2010

solar system rails

An exciting goal was accomplished this week at the building site.

:: It started with the scaffolding

:: Next, an eave extension was built. Along with many other mysterious errors in the tower, the roof was several inches too short for the PV panels and had to be extended.

:: Then, drip edge custom made by our local sheet metal guy (I'll hook you up if you need a reference — he's not on the web), fancy waterproof breathable roof underlayment, and galvanized steel rolled sheet metal roofing was installed.

:: Special aluminum rails made just for holding solar panels are cut with precision

:: Stainless steel bolts and aluminum L-feet are measured precisely and installed on the ground

:: Then the whole assembly is carted up the roof and L-feet are bolted to the rafters of the roof

:: A whole set of racks is installed all the way up the roof to hold our entire system

:: And here we are!


  1. I don't know how you guys do it, working cheerfully in the cold!!! It looks great though! Great progress is being made! YAY! - Jen D.