Thursday, October 7, 2010


Things are moving nearly full-tilt at the building site these days. We are busy bees getting ready for the 4-way inspection next week. The 4-way inspection looks at these four things: 1) rough framing and structure, 2) rough plumbing, 3) rough electrical, and 4) rough heating system.

The Boy Builder and I started the wiring process months ago. We ordered outlet boxes from Airfoil Inc. because they are specially made to allow excellent sealing and prevent air infiltration around the outlet boxes in external walls (remember the balloon theory post?). We started putting the outlet boxes in the external wall before the internal walls were even built.

These days, we've been completing putting the outlet and junction boxes in place
Drilling holes in the studs so that we can
Pull wire between them and back to the breaker junction box.
Then we connect the wires to each other with push wire connectors
This all sounds rather banal, but is a huge step forward — not to mention a lot of work. All that drilling of holes and thinking through where all the wires go and pulling the wire (isometric work-out at its finest) and labeling everything so we know which wires go where. 

Our walls are now riddled with wires going every which way. Progress!

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