Monday, October 18, 2010


We've been clearing out the old to make room for the inspector to do his work (and for us to move in!). In the process, I've got piles of useable stuff that I don't need anymore, but someone else might be able to use.

So, I've been embracing the concept of freecycling, a practice that fits my personality and my values perfectly. In Salt Lake City, as in many other places in the country, we have an official freecycling chapter, but I actually find it to be a bit of a hassle, so I instead use a free classified ad service through a local media outlet (KSL) for all my freecycling needs.

Tonight I posted an ad for a bunch of surplus and it was picked up and in someone else's truck within 45 minutes of my posting the ad! Yowza!

It makes me happy. I get to rid myself of excess junk. Someone else will (hopefully) get to use it. I usually make a temporary friend. And, maybe, if the Hindus are right, I get some good karma coming my way, which I can always use. And, even if the Hindus are wrong, I still get to feel like I'm "spreading the love" of all the fab deals I've had come my way in this building process. I feels good all the way around.

To my way of thinking, this type of freecycling is critical to keep our landfills leaner and make self-build projects attainable. So, we're doing our part.

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