Friday, October 1, 2010

testing the furnishings

We've been spending a lot of time thinking about lighting. One of the most challenging design tasks for me is imagining how the lighting will play out before the finish wall surfaces are up. It's a design decision that has to be made and wires have to be run before the drywall is put up, but you have to have serious design sense to be able to pull it off well.

In the middle of our kitchen we have a large round chopping block that 3 people can work around simultaneously. We know we want a lighting fixture over this work area, but we're still up in the air about the potential hanging pot rack this lighting fixture will be incorporated into. We decided to build it in such a way that the future lighting fixture can hold 200 lbs worth of pots should we choose it. Future-proofing, so to speak. I love it when we can do this. I really wish Tesla has gotten his wireless electricity working for the consumer market so we could so the same with lighting fixtures.

When I installed the junction box for the lighting fixture over the chop block on Wednesday, I incorporated a serious amount of structure to hold up all those potential pots and pans. Here I am testing out my handy work.

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  1. hmmm.... reminds me of pull-ups you did in - i believe - 10th grade... mrs. young's class. isn't there a pic in the yearbook?