Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have never in my life up until now been so tuned into the weather report. I plan my whole week around it, and the schedule of my crew as well. We don't have specific work hours, but rather try to take advantage of the good weather when it comes, whether a Sunday or a Wednesday or 12 noon or 7pm. It's not uncommon when a friend wants to get together for me to say something incomprehensible like "I'm not really sure when we'll have a free day, but check in with me when the weather is bad — then we might have some free time."

Check out the boy builder's head on Friday:
If your keen observational skills alerted you there is snow on that beautiful toe-head, you are not mistaken.

Nearly every year we get a June snow, but somehow it still is alarming and disconcerting. Every year. I spent most of this weekend working in a cloud.

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