Saturday, June 5, 2010

this week

I'm in manic building mode. I want to move into our house so very badly and we are, believe it or not, closer than we ever have been. I've been at the building site for 12 hours a day nearly every day this week.

:: We been tracing curvy walls
:: And cutting and sanding curvy walls
:: We've been laying out bottom plates for the upstairs framing
:: We've been building funny little wall and roof sections to close in the greenhouse and connect it to the rest of the house
:: We've been continuing to install grey foam on the east and west sides of the tower
:: We've cleaned up the site a bit as the snow melts
:: We've installed more windows
:: We've played in the mud

What all these photos don't capture are the thousands of times I've climbed up and down the stairs and ladders, the dozens of times we've walked in and out of the site, the many tubes of caulk we've spent, the  hundreds of pounds of heavy tools and materials I've lifted and hauled, the number of times I've gone slightly tachycardic climbing 22 feet in the air on ladders or skittering across planks of scaffolding, or the hundreds of little decisions that have been made. It's tough work, this house-building business. 
Here's to another productive week.

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