Sunday, March 4, 2012

100 months

My Big Boy just turned over an important milestone 4 days ago: his sojourn on this planet has lasted 100 months!
Newborn Eden
Papa was out of town for the big day, but we celebrated with yummy food, lots of nostalgic trips down Memory Lane, and the compilation of a wish book, to which many of his friends and family contributed.
Pancakes for breakfast — Eden's favorite

Penne Bolognese for dinner made with local grass-fed ground beef for dinner
Because no celebration is complete without pastry, we made this cake, which we happened to have all the ingredients for. We ate it before we took a picture. Oops! (We thought it needed some more pomegranate flavor and we didn't make the glaze/topping, but it was a serviceable celebratory cake.)
Eden, 37 months — this picture won the Audience Favorite award in the trip down Memory Lane
Dear Eden, 
I feel as though I have learned more in the last 100 months of being your Mama than I feel like I have in all the 30 years leading up to those 100 months! You have been a delightful, inspiring, and demanding teacher and I appreciate your patience with me through my many mistakes on the job. So far, you and I still like each other's company and that fact brings me joy. It's what I aspire to as your Mom — to be someone whose company you seek and enjoy. So far, so good! 
You are a passionate, smart, creative, and funny kid and I'm lucky to get to be with you so often. We've been homeschooling and I've been working from home through these 100 months, which has meant you and I have gotten to spend a lot more time together than a lot of parents and kids do. How lucky are we? Sometimes, I do admit that we drive each other batty, but, on balance, I'd rather be with you than not most any day. 
I know it's an absolute cliché to say it, but it seems like just yesterday you were born and here we are already 100 months later! I can remember so clearly that long, hard work you and I did getting you out of me, and then those intense, amazing first days and weeks when both you and I were learning so many new things together! All that learning was exhilarating and exhausting. For both of us. Little did I know that all that learning was setting the stage for all the learning you and I were going to do in the months to come. Again, exhilarating and exhausting, but so much fun! 
Now you do things like multi-digit multiplication problems, reading Harry Potter books all on your own, and skiing down double-black diamond runs! Not to mention taking good care of your little brother, cooking whole meals on your own, and making up clever riddles that keep me guessing!  
Some of the things I most like to do with you are reading and listening to books (absolutely a favorite!), going on hikes and walks, working out solutions to problems, analyzing new ideas (you've always got the most intriguing insights!), and building things. Sometimes I like cooking with you, but somehow you manage to trick me into doing all the clean up (clever you!). One of the best things I enjoy doing with you is traveling. You are a curious, adaptable, and easy-going traveling companion and we always have lots of fun!I look forward to many, many more months and years of being your Mama.
Love and kisses,Your Mama
Eden, self-portrait on his 100-month day

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