Friday, February 10, 2012

just me and the boys

Part of what makes our home-building project crazy and challenging is that we are simultaneously running our own business and running the home-building. Our lives are full to overflowing.

This weekend, Papa Builder is headed down to the desert to do some work at a client's house 5 hours, 240 miles, and a world away. The place he's headed is gorgeous, awe-inspiring, humbling — as intensely as the desert can be — and is the definition of The Middle of Nowhere with 360° views of nary another human trace, no cell phone reception, and internet only at the hotel. He'll be gone 2 1/2 or 3 days.
Loading up Papa's tools to take out of the neighborhood
And while I'm so grateful that he works so hard for our family, even on the weekends, and gets involved in such interesting projects, I'm mostly struck right now by the fact that I'm the ONLY ADULT in the house. With TWO young, needy people. The Only Adult. Yikes.
Loading up the van
I spend many hours of every week being the Only Adult. But not usually so many in a row. And not while Papa is so many miles away in The Middle of Nowhere.
See you again soon, Papa!
Needless to say, I don't expect much homebuilding to happen this weekend. We'll be hanging out, trying to keep warm. Maybe take the Boy Builder skiing. Maybe I'll get wild and clean up the kitchen. If I'm really industrious, perhaps I'll vacuum. I'm sure we'll read lots of stories. I'll be doing a lot of nursing and baby pottying and hopefully some napping.

And at night, when the boys are sleeping, during those few moments before I slip into dreamland myself, I'll be counting the hours and days until Papa comes home.


  1. Travis, you are amazing! I love you! Your boys are beautiful and you are blessed!!

  2. I am a woman of great fortune. Thank you for the kind comments!