Thursday, February 9, 2012


In this mama's opinion, the very best part of the new baby is watching the fraternal relationship unfold. My two boys love each other fiercely, and Boy Builder can get the baby to laugh longer and louder than anyone else.
Birth Day brothers!
Not only that, but Boy Builder loves to help his brother with all the care-giver tasks — carrying, rocking, singing, diaper-changing, pottying, playing, clothes-changing.
And Baby Builder can't get enough of watching his big brother's every move and telling him his every secret.

The baby has been growing so fast, many of his clothes aren't fitting anymore. We've relied on a sleep sack given as a gift by good friends to keep baby warm at night in our uninsulated rental cabin and the sleep sack has gotten too small. So, the Boy Builder stepped in with his own holiday money and found a bigger size to purchase online, got secret help from Papa to purchase it, and presented it to T-bear a couple of weeks ago. Could there be a prouder and more tender moment for a parent to witness?
I'm so curious to watch this brother-love develop over time. It's so beautiful in these first 3 months, I can only imagine where these two are headed.

Bonus picture of the boys (and some baby chub!).


  1. Can't believe how big T looks in that last photo! His head looks almost as big as E's!

  2. That is some *first-class* baby chub!! Love the brotherly love.

  3. Stephanie, I think it's mostly perspective distortion that makes him look especially giant in that picture, but he is a big boy!

    Laura, Thanks for the props! He's one delish kiddo!