Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tio zach

I'm the eldest of 5 children, and my youngest brother just graduated from University with a degree in Construction Management in December. And somehow I got lucky enough that after graduation what he wanted to do was come work for me building my house and enjoy some legendary Utah powder for the winter.

Zach arrived in January and we have loved having him here. He's a fabulous worker, a good-natured personality, smart as a whip, competes with Papa Builder in corny joke-telling, entertains us with guitar playing, enjoys learning to cook new dishes in our new kitchen, and even takes the Boy Builder out to the slopes on occasion. If there's anyone who could love having him here more than I, it would be his adoring nephew, whose smothering affection Zach lovingly puts up with.

Three cheers for Tio (Uncle) Zach!
Zach eating the banana pudding he made from scratch, including his own vanilla wafers

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  1. I love this blog entry almost as much as I love my children. Fine folks that they are. I am nourished just by reading this. Hugs to Eden and all his adoring adults. xxxxxxooooooo