Monday, February 28, 2011


In our household, the typical weekday/weekend schedule is kind of mixed up. Papa Builder is more easily able to participate in personal homebuilding on Saturday and Sunday when his paying clients are less demanding. My brother Zach, who is helping us with the build and enjoying some Utah powder this winter, has a Monday through Thursday ski pass, so he's typically snowboarding on Monday and at least one other weekday. James is completely unpredictable, so we don't plan around him. ;) And the Boy Builder and I work nearly every day anyway. So, there's not really such thing as typical weekends and weekdays around here.

Saturday and Sunday this week were full to the brim with work on the house, mixed in with a little fun, too:

~ We put drywall up in the ceiling and walls of the sunroom/stairwell from the scaffolding James built us to bring us 9 feet higher in the air.

~ We (and by "we", I mostly mean Zach) did more wall prep and beam sanding in the basement to prep for drywall on the basement ceiling.

~ We installed some drywall in the basement ceiling!

~ We had a taco night and a burrito night, as well as a brussel sprout and soup night

~ The Boy Builder made cookies

~ Papa Builder and James each made an apple pie

~ We shoveled a lot of snow

~ We got the snowmobile up and running (again)

~ Mama Builder cleaned the mountain of laundry that had accumulated

~ Papa Builder put some pretty Serpentine rock we collected last summer from a local abandoned mine in the cracks in our columns (post and pictures to come)

~ We watched the movie Holes, inspired by digging a big hole in the snow

~ The Boy Builder and I read some of E. Nesbit's "The Phoenix and the Carpet" and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

Today is Monday and Zach is taking the Boy Builder to the resort to play in the snow. I'm off to do my Monday ritual of tramping around town and doing errands. Here's to another productive week!

The Boy Builder cutting out the drywall in front of the window for us

He's the perfect size for the job!

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  1. So I don't check this blog as often as I should. Here's a post from 2 weeks ago with some great pictures of people I love. Cute window cutter outer you have there! - Mom/Granna Jane