Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine love

In the spirit of the holiday 90 minutes past I thought I'd share a little Reluctant Homemaker love.

These are the places in my home that I love.
The concrete in our basement is beautiful. Although I sulked and stamped my foot through all the many color tests and concrete forming tests and endless shopping for materials I had to do for this concrete, I am so glad we did it. It is really, really beautiful. The color, the texture. It looks so warm and inviting compared to any concrete I have ever seen before. And it perfectly evokes the design style we are after — a sort of post-modern, industrial naturalness, with a bit of old world dilapidation thrown in for good measure.

The shower in the bathroom with its built in rock perch and built in rock soap ledge and square windows makes a person just want to take a hot shower. This again was a detail I put in a bit of a fuss about. Using the excavator to carefully place the rock in the middle of the framing and get it oriented just right. Coping the concrete formwork around the rock. It was all so time-consuming and intensely particular. I just wanted to make a house like everyone else's at the time. But once again it is one of those details that will make our house a home and I'm so glad we did it. 

Our concrete floor with the beautiful color and curve is so stunning. Yet again, it was a detail I complained and rolled my eyes about and yet again it was absolutely and wholly worth it.

The wood framing members of our home are so beautiful and warm.

I LOVE my larder!!!! It's one of my favorite parts of my kitchen, which I also LOOOVVEE.

The crow's nest is going to be the best room in the house. It has stunning views, an intimate feel, and a special seclusion.

I love this detail at the gable end of the roof. The square shape. It's another detail that took extra work and extra effort, but is so worth it.

One can't help but love sunrises like these.

And aspens like these.

But of all the loves of this Reluctant Homemaker, this little boy and his handsome Papa are my sweetest Valentines.

May you be enjoying the loves in your life this holiday weekend. XXOO


  1. You make me feel the love by your photos and writing. I am so glad you are so filled with and surrounded by LOVE. - Mom

  2. that wall is gorgeous. :)

    and "found you!"