Sunday, February 7, 2010

this week

As evidenced by my lack of posting, this week has been rather full. We are working towards a structural inspection so we can move on to insulating the exterior walls of the house.

Among other things...

:: lumber was cut

:: lunch was eaten

:: more scaffolding was erected and holes in sheathing were filled

:: Playmobil construction continued

:: rough fascia was completed

:: exterior rigid foam roof insulation was completed

:: new building projects were begun

:: lumber was collected (at least 3 times)

:: and lumber was hauled in with much effort over snowy roads

:: sometimes with the help of friends with snow-crawling machinery

:: rhubarb cake was baked

:: sheathing was caulked and nailed off

:: seismic hold-downs were attached

:: rough fascia at the gable end was squared off; blocking edges were sealed with mastic

:: connectors were placed from roof rafters to walls

:: birthdays were celebrated

What made your week full? (post in the comments if you feel so inspired)

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